Gabby loves to paint and photograpgh nature and she does it so beautifully and with such a  unique perpective! Original art is acrylic paint on paper. 


4x4 Acrylic Block


About the Artist:

Celebration Company gives me the space to create art. Painting brightens up my world, because if we didn’t have anything to paint on it wouldn’t make sense. Making art brightens my smile. My ideas come from my head. If I am coloring, ideas would come out in my hands. 

Rough=does not know how it will turn out 

Smooth=is when I know what to use and paint 

It makes me feel good, because I am keeping that design 

Sometimes when I am in another world (artistic world) I question myself, but I keep going. The artistic side of me keeps my confidence going and my artistic mind going. It is important for me to see how, because of the artwork, I will see one thing but won't apply it on paper. I want to try to get what’s on my mind on paper before I change my mind. Sometimes I change my mind I will change my color. I tend to have lots of layers, because I am thinking it over and thinking it over.  

"Seeds of Growth" Acrylic Block




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